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Unreleased Live Recordings

Stream hundreds of previously unreleased live concert recordings, with more to come.

Classic Albums

Stream Woody Shaw's original classic LP recordings in hi-fi audio.

Your Favorite Tracks

Save your favorite tracks for later. Play them back as your own playlist. Also shuffle through your favorites to create a radio-like listening experience.

Search Tracks

Search through hundreds of track listings, then "save" different versions of your favroite song titles to listen to later.

Archival Videos

Watch rare Woody Shaw footage inside the app while you're on the go.

Exclusive Content

Listen to exclusive playlists, podcasts, interviews, bonus tracks, and other rare content only on this platform (in-progress).

Choose Your Vibe

Dark Mode

For the nocturnal at heart, listen to Woody Shaw with the smooth and mellow vibes of the 'dark mode design.

Light Mode

For the light at heart, switch to light mode and enjoy a 'brighter' viewing and listening experience.

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Best with iOS 13 or higher